Big Dutch Bully Kennel
Creator of the perfect family pet

How it al started

Thank you for visiting our about us page.
We believe its important to get to know the face behind the company.
BDBK is owned by Martine  van Blitterswijk.  

Martine is most of the time responsible for the care of the dogs and Robin is taking care of the vision and future planning of our Kennel.
We are the parents of two  children Quincy and Jayden. They model on our socials from time to time.  
Our whole family loves dogs and we simply can't live without them. When our youngest was 3 years old we got our first dog as a family.

Our first dog Lois was the best thing that could happen to us. We traveled all over Europe with her.  We just couldn't leave her with a dog sitter. Also our kids can't miss her for a day.  We wanted to become a breeder in the future but it took us some time to make it happen. Looking for the right dogs and the right place to live.
Now it is finally happening we are very happy we can share this love for dogs with you.
Our vision
We have three goals! Goal one we believe in healthy company dogs.  We are bringing temperament, build and colors together. All of our dogs have an ABKC pedigree and are health checked, not only just a simple vet check, but we have them fully health tested. We breed dogs as close as possible to the breeding standard of the American Bully XL. 
Our second goal is to become the next big American bully breeder with only health tested champions. That's right all our breedings have the goal to produce champions. We know we are not there yet but we will keep working to get as close as possible to all our goals. We want to become the most ABKC titled breeder of the world!
Our third goal is to breed company dogs with a good temperament. If one of our dogs has a genetically bad temperament we wil not breed with the dog. We also gain as much information as possible about the studs we use. For the first breeding of Nala for example we traveled to see King Rolo in real to be sure he is good tempered. We also want personal contact with the potential buyer to make sure we are a good fit.

 All the details of our dogs can be found on their individual pages. All our Bullies have grown up around kids and other dogs.  We keep our dogs inside our home. We take them to various activities. You can follow us on instagram in order to get a full impression of what we do

We breed XL Bullies and Standard height bullie with a sweet and loving temperament, medium to large height and with a muscular build.